Each Company in your ROI account (if applicable) is represented using a blue dot on the Lifecycle Map. Once the system calculates the Profile Scores and Engagement Scores of all Contacts, it then calculates scores at the Company level, referencing scores of the Contacts at each Company. 


Stages represent the Company journey and the blue dots represent where the Company reside in that journey based on the Gate Criteria. The Company will plot in the Stage furthest to the right amongst all its Contacts. For example, if MF&AJ Co. has Contacts in all Stages of the Lifecycle except Existing Customer, their Company is plotted in the New Customer Stage (see below) because it is the highest stage that a Contact at MF&AJ Co. is plotted.

Stages: Other, Initiate, Advance, Convert, New Customer, Existing Customer

Company Engagement and Profile Scores:


Engagement Score at the Company level is the sum of all the Company’s contacts' engagement scores. Profile Score at the Company level is the average of all the Company’s Contacts. Average is the sum of all Profile Scores at the Company divided by the number of Contacts at the Company.

Company Engagement and Profile Score %:

The stage a company resides is determined by the Contact at the Company who is in the most advanced stage. 

Engagement Score % at the Company level is calculated by identifying the Company with the highest Engagement Score per Stage, and using that score as the denominator. For example, If AJ&MF Co. is the Company with the highest Engagement Score in the Advance Stage with a score of 75 points, then AJ&MF Co. will plot the farthest to the right of x-axis at 100%. If DJ Machinists has 28 points in the Advance Stage they will plot at the 37% mark on the x-axis; 37%=(28*100)/75. DJ Machinist is 37% engaged compared to the most engaged Company in the Advance Stage.

Profile Score % at the Company level is calculated by identifying the average Profile Score of all Contacts at the Company. For example, Auto Jones Co. has a max possible Profile Score of 25 for all Contacts at their company. Auto Jones Co. has 7 Contacts with the following Profile Scores equalling 66: 5, 15, 6, 8, 9, 22, 1 (66 / 7 Contacts = 9). If the Profile Score of the company is 9 and the max possible is 25 the next step is 9/25 =36%. Auto Jones Co. is plotted at 36% on the y-axis.