To create a new landing page (LP) or edit and existing LP, navigate to Content>Landing Pages.


Click the Create New Landing Page Button to start from scratch.

Click the Template icon and select Content to find your pre-existing LPs. ROI does not provide landing page templates. To access the email template gallery to use as a landing page template, you must do so by creating an email and then selecting the Change Type button to Landing Page. The template gallery is unavailable from the LP view. 

As mentioned, if you would like to use one of the 26 templates available for emails, navigate back to creating a new email, choose a template, then copy and paste the HTML from the email into the Landing Page builder. 


Step 1: Setup Content



The Title will display in the LP URL. 



Once you are ready to promote your LP change the Status from Draft to Published. It must be published to show up in the email creation to hyperlink. 


The body of the LP is where you control the chosen template or copy over the desired HTML. The toolbar allows you to control all functions of the LP creation. For example, to copy over HTML click the HTML icon in the toolbar and paste the code. 

Click the Form icon to add ROI form code to your LP. 

If you would like to switch your LP to an email before saving a first draft click the Change Type button. This option will disappear after you click Save for the first time. 

If you purchased ROI's Advance Sender Package, which includes Litmus email/LP testing, you will have access to a button that test your email renderings in multiple browsers, but only after you have clicked Save and refreshed the page.

Step 2: Enter Name, Description, And Folder

Add a Name and Description to your email. You can also place it in a Folder for organizational purposes. When naming the Landing Page, be sure not to use an apostrophe or quotation marks in the name. Since this will be used in a URL, those characters will cause the link to break. 

After you click Save for the first time and refresh the page you will notice a View Landing Page button appears at the bottom right of the page. Click this button to access the web page URL for the LP. 

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