There are several ways to add an image to an Email in ROI depending on which Email Editor you are using (Drag and Drop or Classic). However, the best practice overall for adding images is to first upload the image to the Media tab. This allows you to store the image in ROI for future use and track previously used images. Media can be uploaded in the form of images (.jpg, .png) or as a PDF to use in ROI Emails and Landing Pages. When naming the media file, be sure there are no apostrophes or quotation marks. Since this file name will be turned into a URL, those characters will cause the link to break when viewing. Additionally, files up to 4MB can be successfully uploaded.

Adding an Image/PDF to your Media


  • Content>Media>Upload New Media>Choose a folder>Choose file(s)

  • Click Upload Files.

  • Click Return to Media when upload is complete.

Adding an Image to the Drag and Drop Editor

First, drag a Content Block containing an image into your Email. Then, hover your mouse over the picture and two different button options will appear. The top button is for you to link to the image URL, add a hyperlink for the picture, and add the alternate text or alt tag (this is what is shown when images aren't displayed in an Email and is important to prevent an Email from going to Spam).

  • To add an image from the Media gallery, click on the top button that appears in the image area of the Content Block. Then, navigate to the image button within the image box. This will allow you to view the Media you have previously uploaded. 

  • To add upload an image from your computer directly into the Email, click the bottom, blue camera button that appears when you hover over the image in a Content block. This will enable you to navigate to find an image that was saved to your hard drive.

  • Clicking on the image in a Content Block also allows you to adjust the size of the image using the bottom, right corner. 

Adding an Image in the Classic Editor

There are also several options to add an image within the Classic Email Editor.

  • To add an image from your media, click on the media icon button within the toolbar of the Editor. This will open all your Media options to add to your Email.

  • To add an image using its URL click on the inset/edit image button, and add the URL to the "source" field of the image box. 

  • To add an alt tag to an image within the Classic Editor, click the insert/edit image button and add an image description that will show in the Email when the graphics aren't being displayed. All pictures in any Editor need an alt tag to help with deliverability. 

Adding an Image in a Landing page

  • To add an image from your Media, click on the Media Gallery button from the toolbar, and select the image from the thumbnail options. 

  • To add an image using its URL, click on the insert/edit image from the toolbar. 

  • To add an alt tag to an image in the Landing Page, click on the insert/edit image button from the toolbar, and fill in the "Image Description" field. 

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