Creating Sender Profiles allows for auto population in the "From Name", "From Email Address" and "Reply Email Address" when sending emails out of ROI. The "On Behalf of Name" and "On Behalf of Email Address" can also be setup for auto population, but they are not required. When keywords are searched in the "From Name" field available senders will auto populate in the tactic setup or test email pop-up.

Test email sender information in email editor: 

Step 1 "What?" in tactic builder:

To create new Sender Profiles or edit old ones navigate to the Content tab and click Senders:

"Create New Sender" button:

Add sender information or personalization formulas (e.g. ${Contacts.OwnerEmail} )

The "On Behalf of Name" and "On Behalf of Email Address" are not required. These fields are useful, for example, when the director of marketing is sending an email on behalf of the CEO.


Enter your tactic setup and begin typing the sender. Select from the drop-down, and the "From Email Address" and "Reply Email Address" will auto populate based on your selection. 

See Advance Email Settings  for more information.