ROI’s Campaign Builder is an extremely intuitive and efficient feature of the overall Customer Lifecycle Marketing platform. The Campaign Builder offers a canvas view, among many other functionalities, which streamlines the construction of automated drip campaigns and allows you to nurture the right way based on real-time customer activities. Campaign Builder provides you the opportunity to visually build out campaign flows, offering an overall picture of how individual efforts work together to make an impressive nurturing campaign.

With ROI’s Customer Lifecycle Marketing platform, campaigns can be created quickly, changes to existing campaigns made easily, and the overall effort required to maintain many automated nurturing campaigns can become an engaging and even profitable experience. Looking beyond the campaign starts with adopting a customer lifecycle marketing nurturing strategy and implementing that strategy successfully.

The Campaigns Tab is the place to setup your outbound messaging (as seen in the image above). This includes external communications and notifications as well as alerts and reports to internal team members or vendors. ROI provides a two layered campaign structure:

  • The Campaign is the overall initiative. It's a grouping of related marketing tactics you execute to reach your marketing goals.
  • Tactics are the individual components of a Campaign. At the Tactic level you setup the targeted send and schedule the execution. Typically, a Campaign will have a series of Tactics. Campaigns live under Folders. For example, under the Monthly Promotions Folder there is a Q4 Promotions Campaign among others. Many tactics can exist within one campaign .

As mentioned, Campaigns can be organized in Folders. The system provides an "All" Folder and an "Uncategorized" Folder. You can create your own Folders and create Campaigns in those Folders for easy organization.


To learn more about ROI’s Customer Lifecycle Marketing platform, watch this video.