The Automated Email Program daily POS import into ExactTarget has been unsuccessful.


There are a few possible reasons why this occurred, including but not limited to, system timeouts, network connectivity issues or local computer issues.


To minimize the likelihood of receiving this message, please ensure the POS computer is turned on and has an Internet connection by 10:00 AM local daily.


Below are instructions on how to manually upload your data. If you have questions, please contact the WBU IS Helpdesk at 866.647.3378.


If you are able to run these instructions in the next couple of days, we can ensure your New Customer Sends on Thursday will be successful. Please ”Reply All” to this email when the below action has been completed. – Thank you!


Auto Email – Manual Submission Process


1)      Click on: Start > Programs > System Scheduler > System Scheduler program



2)      When the program opens, Click the blue “run” arrow as shown below.





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