The Campaign Menu displays the most recently edited Campaigns in ascending order Name, Status, Contacts, and Unique Responses are the available menu fields.


Campaign Names


Inactive means one (or more) Tactics in the Campaign have been disabled. Active means that all Tactics in the Campaign are enabled.


Number of Contacts that have been sent the email.

Unique Responses:

The user determines what counts toward a Unique Response under Engagement Scores (Admin>Engagement Scores). If multiple boxes are checked, the system calculates the Unique Response based only on those checked. Keep in mind response count is the number of distinct Contacts that have an event (e.g. opened, clicked, etc...) checked as a response. 

Unique Response count is found in the Campaign Menu and also in the individual Tactics within each Campaign. If no Response box is checked, the Unique Response equals 0, but it is best practice to check Opened and Clicked

For example, if Opened and Clicked are the only boxes checked (see below) and a customer opens one email and clicks seven links, the Unique Response is 1 because the same Contact opened and clicked, regardless of the number of clicks. 

The Unique Response on the Campaign Menu is the sum of Unique Responses in the Campaign. Some Campaigns have one Tactic and some have more. You must enter the Campaign to determine the number of Tactics within the Campaign:

There is only one Tactic in the 14Q4 Strata NYC Follow Up Campaign, so the Unique Response on the Campaign Menu reflects the Unique Response for the Tactic:

There are many Tactics in the Generic Campaign, so the Unique Response of 240 is the Unique Response count across all Tactics in the Campaign. You can see individual Unique Open Rates at the Tactic level. 


Clicking Edit will navigate you to the Campaign canvas view, and clicking the drop down arrow allows you to delete the Campaign.