Personalizing your emails around your contacts can be an important factor in boosting engagement. 

Insert personalization by first clicking the area in your content you would like to use personalization. Then click the person image and search for the appropriate field. For example, type the desired personalization field such as First Name from the drop down and click Insert Personalization

The personalization formula utilizes ${ field }.

To insert personalization in the subject line first click the area in your subject that you would like to personalize. Then click the person image and search for the appropriate field. 

You can also use personalization in the Tactic to send an Email, wherever you see the person icon. 

When you create your Audience Segment for this email, the personalization field you insert into the email must be present (checked on the Table in the Segment to be included in the results) for the send to be successful. 

Please note:

  1. Personalization will not populate with real data when using the Send Test Email button in the email content. For personalization to work, the email must be sent from a Tactic. Try creating a test Segment including only your information, then setup a Tactic with your test Segment and send the email to yourself to see personalization at work.

  2. Fields in your custom Tables can not be used for personalization in drip tactics. Only the following fields are available to you for personalization in a Drip Tactic email:

  • All fields from the Contacts Table
  • All fields from the Company Table
  • All fields from the CompanyByStage Table