Are you interested in posting your entire ROI Email on social media? It can be a great way to share your Email content with more than just your Contacts and drive more social engagement. This article will detail how to get the correct link to use when posting your Email over social media channels.

1. Create an Email in ROI and include a View in Browser link.

Classic Editor-

Drag and Drop Editor-

2. Send a Test Email to your Email address directly from the Email in ROI (not via a Test Tactic with a Test Segment).

3. Open the Test Email you receive in your inbox. Click on the "View in Browser" link in the top of the Email. Copy the URL link from the new window. 

4. To share the Email via Social Media, paste the "View in Browser" link copied from the Test Email.

Note: If you would like to shorten the link (e.g. so that the link fits in a Tweet) create a Bitlink. 

  • Go to, and shorten the View in Browser link
  • Copy the shortened link. 
  • Please be aware that some organizations block clicks since they do not know if the links are safe.
  • It is possible to allow recipients to preview a Bitlink before clicking on it. Simply add a + sign to the end of a Bitlink URL.

Click here if you would like to learn how to Create a Social Media Share Button in an ROI Email.

Please contact Client Success with any questions or concerns regarding this process.