Manually editing or deleting table records is easy. Navigate to Tables and click View from the drop down. Common reasons to update a record include: changing the email address, manually unsubscribing a contact record, adding a phone number, etc. 

Search the table record by your preferred field on the table such as email or ROI ID for the Contacts table. 

If you are searching, once you have found your desired record, click on the white space surrounding the record and you will enter the edit page. 

If the record you are looking for does not exist, you may also Click Create New Table Record to create a brand new record on the Table.


You can also scroll all the way to the right and click Edit. View refers to the Contacts Details pop-up, which does not allow you to edit the contact record. 

Once you enter the record you can edit all available fields (except the system generated fields like CreatedDate).

For example, to manually Unsubscribe a Contact record change EmailOptOut to True

To manually update an email address, delete the existing address and hard key in the new email. 

Make sure to click Save at the bottom of the page before navigating away. Click the Delete button to delete the record out of your account entirely. If you delete a contact record you are deleting all contact level data and events tracked for that person. 

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