Advanced Settings are available in Step 2 of the Forms setup page. 

Google Analytics Tracking ID: Include the tracking ID, or property number in your Google Analytics account (UA-xxxxxxx-x)  if you are utilizing ROI's integration with Google Analytics. Entering the UA# will add the necessary code to an ROI LP to cookie recipients that fill out the form; converting the contact that submitted to an identified visitors and tracking future visits to your other GA properties (websites, blogs, etc.). If you utilize Universal Analytics you must uncheck Legacy Tracking. Legacy Tracking is checked by default.  The checkbox doesn't matter if you do not fill in the UA# because tracking will not occur in your GA account.

Cross-Domain URL: Include the URL to any page on your website with Google Analytics installed. The URL should be setup with the P3P protocol to work for recipients that submit the form via Internet Explorer. P3P is only needed if you are using  ROI forms on ROI landing pages ( with Google Analytics included and want identified visitors to be tracked on your site (e.g. P3P only impacts recipients that submit the form that use Internet Explorer. This isn’t an issue for Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

Redirect URL: Include the URL to the webpage the visitor will be sent after submitting the form

Email Domain Filter: See Applying Email Domain Filter

Progressive Profile Count: See Progressive Profiling