A/B Testing is a randomized experiment with two variants, A and B. When open and click through rates become stagnant, A/B testing is the perfect solution for making slight changes to email sends to see if you can improve your Email responses. 

In ROI, this is an easy task!

By adding a formula field to your Contacts Table, ROI can randomly assign each of your contacts a number - 1 or 2. Then, your Contacts can be Segmented by this number to create two very random groups - Group 1 contains all Contacts that have been randomly assigned a 1, and Group 2 contains all Contacts that have been randomly assigned a 2 - basically splitting your list in half.

Sending the same Email with one small variation (a different Send time, Subject Line, Image, or Button color) can help to determine what drives your Contacts to Open and/or Click your Email, resulting in driving more Engagement and more revenue!

Step 1: Create the formula field on the Contacts Table.

  • Navigate to Data>Tables and click to Edit  the Contacts Table.

  • Scroll to the bottom and click to Add Column using the criteria:
    • Name Column: RandID
    • Description Column: Random ID
    • Type: Formula
    • In the default field add the formula of ([ID]%(2)+(1)) if you just want to separate your list into 2 groups. Change the number in the middle to create more groups - ([ID]%(3)+(1)) would be for 3 groups. 

Step 2: Build a Segment

In this step, you will be creating a segment that contains all contacts with a RandID of 1 and another segment for RandID of 2. 

  • Navigate to Data>Segments and click Create New Segment.
  • Add criteria for Contacts Table>RandID>Equal To>1

  • Name the Segment, give it a Description, and press Save.
  • Now you can create a second Segment with the criteria for Contacts Table>RandID>Equal To>2

  • Name this Segment, give it a Description, and press Save.

Step 3: Create two emails- one for the "A" Segment, the other for the "B" Segment

  • Make sure to create slight differences between Emails so that you can test performance.
  • Make sure your changes impact the same areas of the Email for more accurate performance testing,

Step 4: Create Tactics to send the emails to the "A" and "B" Segments
  • Choose a variable for testing. 
  • Schedule the Emails to send at different times if the Emails are identical in Content and Subject Line. 
  • Schedule the Emails to send at the same time if you are testing small changes in Content or Subject Line.
    • In ROI you can override the Subject Line of an Email from the Tactic level instead of creating two different pieces of  Email content with different Subject Lines. In the Tactic, under Advanced Settings, find "Subject Replacement" and insert a new Subject Line.

  • Send the Emails, then review the results under the Reports Tab in the Email Tracking Report. 
  • The Email with the most opens and clicks WINS!
  • Use the winning Email in your future communications and take notes on what worked better about the winning Email. 

Always be mindful that your Open and Click rates can be BETTER! Use ROI's A/B Testing to help you hone in on what your Contacts are reacting to - more Engagement drives more revenue! 

Please contact support@rightoninteractive.com with questions.