Step 1.

Highlight the text or click the image in your email that you would like to hyperlink with your ROI lading page. Click the silver chain icon in the tool bar with the desired text or image highlighted simultaneously. 

Progressive Profiling

Step 2.

Click the landing page/chain icon in the pop-up box located next to the Link URL field. Begin to type in the name of the desired ROI landing page. Choose the landing page and click Update in the pop-up box. The landing page must be published to show up in the drop-down. 

Progressive Profiling

Make sure the the Contact ID is appended to the end of the landing page link URL. Progressive profiling will not work without the Contact ID included in the landing page link URL.

Step 3.

The text or image should now be linked to the landing page where the form is hosted.
Progressive Profiling

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