The tactic builder offers an Advance Settings button in "Step 1. What?". There are four features in Advance Settings:

  • On Behalf of Name
  • On Behalf of Email Address
  • BCC Email Address
  • Attach Google Analytics Campaign Tracking to all links (Checkbox)
  • Send as Transactional Email (Checkbox)

On Behalf of...

The "On Behalf of Name" and "On Behalf of Email Address" are not required fields in the Sender Profile, but these fields are useful when the director of marketing, for example, is sending an email on behalf of the CEO. Creating Sender Profiles allows for auto population in the "From Name", "From Email Address", "Reply Email Address", "On Behalf of Name", and "On Behalf of Email Address" when sending emails out of ROI. When keywords are searched in the "From Name" field, all available senders will auto populate, so if the Sender Profile includes on behalf of information it will populate when that sender is selected. Learn more about creating Sender Profiles

 Tactic setup:

Learn more about creating Sender Profiles

BCC Email Address

If an address is added in the blind carbon copy (BCC) field it will receive every email sent to every contact record. For example, if the email is sent 500 times to 50 different contacts that BCC address will also receive the email 500 times, but the email will not be visible to your recipients in the audience segment. 

There are two use cases for BCC: 

1. Regulated industries that need to keep a copy of every email communication sent to consumers. The BCC address should be some sort of a storage/vault service that archives emails.

2. If you have a "thank you for submitting" type of email sent to contacts directly after they fill out your form, you can BCC the salesrep so that they are notified immediately. This does require listing the recipient's email address and name in the footer so that the salesrep knows who filled out the form.

Attach Google Analytics Campaign Tracking to all links...

Attach Google Analytics campaign tracking to all email link clicks by your recipients under Advance Email Settings. If you utilize ROI's integration with Google Analytics this is an important feature that associates email link clicks to Google Analytics campaigns. Learn more about attaching Google Analytics campaign tracking

Send as Transaction Email...

When the "Send as Transaction Email " box is checked the system will ignore any unsubscribes and send the transactional email to any contact that falls in the audience segment. Examples of transaction emails are invoices, order confirmations, shipping notifications, etc. For more information on rules and regulations review the FTC CAN-SPAN Act: A Compliance Guide for Business.