Attach Google Analytics campaign tracking to all email link clicks by your recipients under Advance Email Settings. If you utilize ROI's integration with Google Analytics this is an important feature that associates email link clicks to Google Analytics campaigns. Do not confuse ROI campaign names with Google Analytics campaigns because they are not one in the same. 

For example, BLUE Entertainment Co. has a "Holiday Movie Release" campaign in Google Analytics running across many different mediums.


Examples of mediums: direct, organic, referral, CPC, social, email, etc.


BLUE Entertainment utilizes ROI for marketing automation, so if the medium is email, the source simply indicates the source which hosts the link click that directed the email recipient to BLUE Entertainment's website. The source would be, or BLUE Entertainment could assign a different title such as Internal or Right On Interactive

Examples of sources:,, Internal (Internal could be the title assigned to your email platform or you could use the name of your email platform), etc.

If BLUE Entertainment creates ROI emails that relate to the the overall "Holiday Movie Release" campaign living in Google Analytics, they can associate email link clicks in the Holiday Movie Release emails sent out of ROI to the "Holiday Movie Release" campaign in Google Analytics. This is accomplished by entering the campaign name and making sure the box is checked. If BLUE Entertainment does not check the box then campaign tracking will not be passed to Google Analytics, and if they leave campaign name blank the system defaults to tactic name. The box is checked by default.


The campaign name you enter in ROI must match your Google Analytics campaign name exactly.


For additional information review Google's resource on campaign tagging or this article with a helpful video explanation.