It's best practice to create  an SPF entry for  Mail Transfer Agents (MTAs) to validate  incoming mail is from an authorized domain. This anti-spam technique must be  published in the DNS by the  domain's administrators.

While the entry is not mandatory, we do recommend creating it.  SPF entries improve your organization’s email deliverability when sent out of  ROI. The entry allows your organization's domain to validate your ROI tactic  sends and avoid being labeled as spam or a phising technique by the MTAs.

Many organizations already have at least one  SPF entry because their email server is outsourced.

If you already have a SPF entry, ask your DNS  admin to add the following: "".

If you do not have a SPF entry, ask your DNS  admin to add the following: "v=spf1  ~all".

Refer to the following link to lookup SPF entries for your domain:

A word of caution -- if not  implemented correctly by your DNS admin, there could be negative effects on  other mailings such as emails sent from Outlook, Apple Mail or other email  clients used to send email. It is extremely important your DNS admin determines  how this entry may impact deliverability of personal emails. Additional entries  may need to be made to ensure the emails sent personally are not negatively  impacted.


Below is a process diagram of the process. For example, if  AJ&MF CO. uses as their From Name when sending out ROI tactics, an SPF entry  should be made by the AJ&MF DNS admin for the domain prior to  using