In today’s mobile world, many visitors will navigate to your website from their home or other non-office locations such as a coffee house or airport. As a result, the organization reported is the Internet Service Provider (ISP) and not the visitor's company. By default, ROI suppresses visitors that arrived from an ISP. However, new ISPs, or variations, come up every day. ROI does have a long list of ISPs that have been crowd-sourced, and you can easily suppress new ISPs that pop up in your Anonymous Visitor analytics. This feature allows you to have a clean, meaningful list of anonymous visitors.

Step 1. 

Enter Anonymous Visitors under the Analytics tab.

Step 2. 

Click the drop down arrow next to the View button and select the Flag Internet Service Provider button. 

Step 3. 

An alert will be sent to Customer Support who will verify your request. Once approved by ROI you will no longer see visits from the flagged ISP in your anonymous visitor listing.  

The company column will either identify the company or the ISP.

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