Every time a Tactic runs, ROI will log an entry in the Events table with EventType of “TacticMember”. Tactic Members indicated the contact was included in the audience segment, but it does not necessarily mean they were sent the email. For example, Amanda Jones can have an Event Type of Tactic Member but not an Event Type of Email Sent because an Email Bounce occurred before the send took place. When the email bounces it's not considered "sent". 

If a Segment has multiple Contacts with the same email address

  • One TacticMember will be logged, if the de-dup preference setting below is set to TRUE by your Client Success Manager. The email will only be sent once to an email address even if it exists in the audience segment more than once, which isn't ideal. Only your CS Manager can update the duplicate IDs field to True or False. 
  • Three TacticMembers will be logged if the de-dup preference setting is set to FALSE by your Client Success Manager. An ROI Email will be sent to all three contacts if their email exists in the segment three times.

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