To add a tactic in ROI, navigate to the Campaigns tab and then click the campaign name or create a new campaign. Both options will open in the Canvas View. 

Select Add Tactic to define the WHO and WHAT in the Campaign Builder Canvas View.

There are three "Who?" options:

  • Send to all Contacts in an ROI Segment
  • Send to all Contacts that submitted an ROI Form
  • Send to all Contacts that exited an ROI drip series in a campaign

"Exit" means that the the contact is a tactic member in the last step of the drip series. A tactic member is any contact included in the audience segment. "Last step" refers to the last step of the drip series in the campaign because the last tactic in the drip doesn't have a child step in the drip series. For example, AJ&MF CO. has a Welcome drip series which includes 4 emails over the span of one month in the "Welcome Campaign". They also have a New Customer drip series which include 6 emails over the span of two months in the same "Welcome Campaign". When setting up the New Customer drip series AJ&MF Co. selected All Contacts that exited a Campaign so that once a customer is considered a tactic member in the last tactic (fourth email) of the Welcome drip series they will automatically fall into the New Customer drip series email one. Users can select up to three tactics from a drip series as an exit point. 

There are two default options available in the "What?", Email ROI Segment and Send Email. If your account utilizes ROI's integration with Salesforce and/or Exact Target then you will notice additional options.

Send ROI Email / Email ROI Segment:

Send Salesforce Tasks:

Send Exact Target emails out of ROI:

If you would like to use an ROI audience segment, but want to send an email created in Exact Target, click Send Email Using Exact Target in the "Who?". You can also send your Salesforce campaigns, contacts/leads and reports Exact Target emails via ROI. 

When you select the WHO and WHAT you must click Save before you can setup tactic(s). In ROI setting up the send is considered the tactic. 

Any change made to the Canvas View layout must be saved whether you add an entire drip series or move one tactic to a new location on the canvas. Save is required to keep any Canvas View updates before navigating away from the page. 


There are three icons that indicate the the chose WHAT:

You can quickly create the skeleton of a drip campaign by selecting the Add Drip Campaign button. The tactics are not complete, but this feature allows you to create a quick drip series outline. 

You can also add on to existing tactics by selecting the Add Tactic button. 

Contact with additional questions.