If your organization is utilizing ROI's integration with Google Analytics you must add the attached ROI Capture Script to the header of your website, where your Google Analytics tracking code should also be stored. If you only want to download data from a few important site pages, then place the ROI Capture Script in the header of those pages. When the Capture Script has been added you must integrate ROI your your Google Analytics account (See instructions).

Please contact support@rightoninteractive.com for additional questions. 


script example:

If your organization's domain is an ecommerce site, you may need to make a slight adjustment to the code to prevent validation so that your ecommerce functionality is not disrupted. The only difference in the code is the URL address in the Capture Script. Replace ws.rightonin.com/scripts/capture.js URL with ws.rightonin.com/scripts/capture-nv.js in the Capture Script.