If you utilize ROI's integration with Google Analytics you have access to an Identified Visitors dashboard. This information is downloaded from your Google Analytics account hourly via the Web Downloads that must first be setup in your ROI account.

ROI can identify two types of website visitors –

1. ROI Form submissions allows the system to identify web visitors. We can also identify visitors that utilize a form other than ROI's as long as you include the ROI form code in the form that feeds into both ROI and another location. For example, a Saleforce.com Web-to-Lead form that can feed into ROI and Salesforce simultaneously. 

2. ROI email link clicks allows the system to identify web visitors. ROI appends the ROI ID to the end of the links included in your emails. When the recipient clicks a link their ROI ID is then cookied and the system can track website activities in the same browser moving forward assuming the recipient doesn't block or delete browser cookies.

You must include the ROI Analytics script on your website to capture anonymous and identified visitors.

ROI Analytics displays relevant information about identified visitors that your organization will find very useful.

  • Date of visit – the date the identified visitor navigated to your website
  • Organization – the company the visitor visited from
  • Views – the number of pages the visitor viewed on your website during that visit
  • Type – how the visitor arrived at your website
  • Details – the keyword used by the visitor (if any) that drove the visitor to your website
  • Source – the referring source, such as a search engine or another website

You can expand out each entry on the page by clicking the “+” button. This feature shows you additional information about each visit. If you notice a " / " in the Page URL that refers to the home page of your website. 

  • Hour  ROI reports the hour of the day the identified visitor navigated your website
  • Page  the website page(s) the visitor viewed on your website during that visit
  • Time on page – the amount of time the visitor spent on each page they visited

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