To send an ROI email select All Contacts in a Segment and then Send Email

After you add the tactic you must click Save before you can setup the tactic. 

Type in a tactic Name and then in Step 1 search the Email Message and select the ROI email from the drop down. 

Search your desired Sender Profile or hard key in the sender information. Click the Advanced Setting drop down if necessary. 

In Step 2 begin typing the name of your ROI audience segment and select from the drop down. 

By default, the Include any Contacts that were already a part of this Tactic box is unchecked. If you would like an email to send to the same address more than once, check the box. For example, if you send a "thank you for purchasing" email to contacts that make many purchases you likely want them to receive the email more than once. 

Select the start date and time and define how frequently the tactic is sent. Click the calendar and clock icon to determine the appropriate send date/time. The Enable Schedule to Run box must be checked for the tactic to run according to schedule. 

There are six repeat options. The phrase Never means that the tactic will only run once. 

After you click Save for the first time and refresh the page, you will then see a history modal available at the top of the tactic. If the tactic is not enabled to run in Step 3, the Status will read Inactive. If the box is checked, which enables the tactic to run according to schedule, the status will read Active

The Save & Run Now button should be used with extreme caution because it will send to your audience segment immediately, ignoring the schedule. Make sure the correct email and audience segment are chosen before ever utilizing Save & Run Now. ROI recommends you schedule your tactics and test tactics to avoid accidental sends.

You will also notice a drop down on the Save button after you save for the first time. You can Save & Run Now from the drop down and you can also copy the tactic by clicking Save As. Any tactic that is copied will not be enabled by default. You must enter the copied tactic and check the box to enable a copied tactic to run. Copied tactics will live in the same campaign as the original. 

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