After a website visitor fills out a Form, you can have ROI immediately send an Email to that visitor. 

First, you will create a Tactic to send to all Contacts that submitted a Form. To do this, navigate to the Campaign>Create New Tactic>Select the options below:

After adding the new Tactic, save the canvas, and then click to "Setup" the Tactic. 

Step 1 of setting up the Tactic is the same as a Tactic that sends to a segment. Select the Email you would like to send as well as the sender information the recipient will see in the inbox. 

Step 2 is where you will add the name of the Form that will trigger the sending of this Email to everyone who fills out the Form. 

Step 3 will be to enable the Tactic to run from the start date of when the Form will be available (before an Email is sent that contains the Landing Page and Form or before the Landing Page and Form are added on your website). You can also add an end date if there is a date that you would like to stop sending follow-up Emails to anyone who fills out the Form. It is not necessary to add set the Tactic to repeat, as it will automatically send to anyone who fills out the Form. 

Triggered Email Cool Off Period:

There is a cool off period after someone submits a form and receives the triggered email where they will not be able to receive an additional form-triggered email even if multiple form submissions occur until the cool off period of 24 hours ends. 
  • For example: If I fill out a form, I will receive the triggered email. If I immediately fill out the form again using the same email address, I will not receive another triggered email due to the 24 hour cool off period. However, if I wait until the cool off period is reached and submit a form the following day, I will again receive the triggered email. 

The purpose of this cool off period is to prevent sending multiple emails to the same contact. However, the cool off period of time can be adjusted. To adjust the cool off time period, you will need to first have the ROI form code placed on your site. Then, you can go into the HTML of the form code and add one line of additional HTML-

The value "24" can be changed to any number between 1 and 99 to adjust the cool off period between form submission-triggered emails. 

Additional Considerations:
  • Include a calendar invite to the Email you send, if the Form filled out was to register for an event
  • Use this type of Tactic to send gated content to a website visitor that fills out a form by following the instructions for ROI Gated Content
  • We strongly urge you to test your setup by submitting the form and ensure you are receiving the email