If Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn accounts are integrated into ROI, activities will be Anonymous until you manually associate them to existing Contacts in ROI.

Once you have associated Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn activities to Contacts in ROI, you will then be able to utilize your social media data in audience Segmentation for Email sends, and Scoring/Stages (if your account supports Lifecycle functionality.)

To associate Anonymous activities to Contacts, follow these steps:

On the Analytics Tab, click Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn Anonymous Activities.

On the Anonymous Activities page, click the gray drop down arrow on the right for any person displayed, then click "Associate This Account/Handle to a Contact".

A pop up window will display, type in the search bar for the name of the person you are looking for.
Click from the suggestions, on the Contact to which you wish to associate the activity.

Then click "Associate":

Going forward, any activity from this Contact will be considered an Identified Activity.

1. Facebook,Twitter, and LinkedIn identities must be associated separately to Contacts.

  1. ROI has an integration with Full Contact which would automate this process. Please reached out to the Client Success team to discuss pricing for this package.

Questions? Comments? Please contact your CSM for further assistance.