Dashboards Overview:

We’re excited to announce the latest addition to the ROI Customer Lifecycle Marketing™ platform…ROI Dashboards!

The Dashboards tab has replaced the Home tab in your Customer Lifecycle Marketing platform, and version 1.0 includes a visual and interactive dashboard of your marketing activities. Dashboards allow marketers to quickly, at a glance, have insight into marketing efforts.  


  • Summary 
  • Lifecycle
  • Email
  • Web
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn


Dashboards refresh once daily at 4:00am EST. 


Add and remove widgets by clicking the Add button on the top right of the user interface. The Summary dashboard can include widgets from all dashboards: Lifecycle, Email, Web, Facebook, Twitter. 

Step 1.

Step 2. 

To remove a widget hover the widget box and click the X icon that appears at the top right of the box. Click Save when a change is made to the dashboard layout. Click the Add button to add back widgets at a later time. 

Step 1. 
X icon will appear

Step 2.

Save the removed widget after the X icon is clicked.

Step 3. 

Click Add to bring back a deleted widget. 

Drag and drop widgets to your preference within each dashboard. Click in the widget box and drag the box to your desired location. Don't forget to click Save before navigating away from a newly updated dashboard layout. 

Additional Information:

Information bubbles are available above each widget with a short description. Click the i bubble for more information.

The information bubble includes category labels that provide more information in a popup. 

There is an error notice when a widget has an error loading (the widget is hidden but the message is at the top of the page and the error message and method name are logged in the developer console)

Dashboards are a result of valued customer feedback and thorough consideration. In late February 2015, a small group of users volunteered to beta test the new feature. The maturation process of Dashboards comes only after wider adoption and usage, so please continue to send feedback and requests for what you want to see next! We are confident you will see the value in our latest innovation. The latest feedback resulted in product updates in our Q1 2016 release

Please contact support@rightoninteractive.com with additional questions.