When was that webinar again? Did I put that on my calendar? Make remembering your events, webinars, or appointments easy for your customers by offering them a way to add your appointment directly to their preferred calendar. Whether your goal is to create another touch point for your marketing efforts, increase event attendance, or just offer additional service/support; adding an ICS file to your invitations is easy.

Step 1: Create a New Event

Mac: Create invitation in iCal. 

PC: Create invitation in Outlook.

Google Calendar: Create the URL in Gmail calendar application. Computer type does not matter (Mac versus PC), but you must login to Gmail to create the needed URL. 


Click the "+" sign in the top left corner of the window. Enter the name of your event and hit enter on your keyboard. The event will be created on your calendar on the current date, so you will need to change this information to reflect your event details.

Step 2: Event Details

Update the same components for all platforms (iCal, Gmail, Outlook):

  • Event name
  • Location
  • Time
  • Description
  • URL of event's landing page
  • Optional event alert



Step 3: Save Your Event

Once your event is up-to-date, save it to use as an email attachment. 


Navigate to the final version of the event date on your calendar. Click on the event and drag it to your desktop. You have now saved the .ics file to upload to your ROI media and hyperlink in your email.

Step 4: Upload file into Media in ROI

Once uploaded in your ROI media, copy media link address by right-clicking on the name of the file and then copy into the email.

Click the "Insert/Edit Link" button in the ROI Email editor. 

Insert iCal media link URL:


Click the Appointment icon or click "New" in the navigation bar and select "Appointment" from the dropdown. You must select Appointment and not Meeting. Update the appointment to reflect your event details.

Execute a "Save As" on the appointment so that it saves to your desktop and upload the appointment to your media, just like in Step 4 in the iCal instructions above. 

Google Calendar

First click "Save" to save your event to your calendar. Re-open the event and click on "Publish Event."

A pop-up will appear with an embed code. Grab the URL in the quotation marks after href= -- this is the link you will use in your email hyperlink.  

Contact Support@rightoninteractive.com with additional questions.