How to apply filters to the Lifecycle Map

You can apply filters to your Lifecycle stages using segments to filter out the Contacts displayed on the Lifecycle Map that do not apply to your chosen segment. This can give you additional insight by creating a Lifecycle Map for say, a specific geographic area, or companies of certain revenue size etc. Click the “Search Segments” search box and start typing the name of a Segment you want to use. Once you have located the Segment, simply select the Segment. The Lifecycle map will refresh per the Segmentation criteria.

Tip: The system will allow you to select a Segment only if the Segment includes the field Contacts.ID. Any Segments that do not include the field Contacts.ID will not be displayed in the Search Segments box.

You can zone in on your Lifecycle to pull specific groups based on where they live on the Lifecycle Map. First, click the stage you would like to zone in on. 

You can then draw a box around the contacts (blue dots) so that the individual contact records are pulled. 

You can also create segments based on the contacts selected from the Lifecycle. 

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