10 Questions To Ask Before Sending A Campaign

Nurturing campaigns are an important element to converting a lead to a buyer as well as helping an existing buyer realize the additional products and services you offer. Often, in their haste to get a campaign out the door, marketers get absorbed in the content aspect of an email, neglecting to think through what they want to accomplish. Right On Interactive recommends that you take the time to sit down with your team and discuss the following 10 key elements of any campaign:


We will use a sample case of a technology company that sells to hospitals, to illustrate the example.


1. Objective: What is the overall objective of the campaign?

Sample Answer: Secure 15 new Hospital or Primary Care Physician Offices as customers in 3 months.


2. Audience and Source: Who specifically will be the audience for the campaign? (demographic, firmagraphic, purchasing, personas, past action/lack of action). From what data sources will this audience or segment(s) be derived?

Sample Answer: Hospitals IT Departments and CFO. Existing database and Industry database 1 (append/update).


3. Key Messages: What are the key messages that will be leveraged and utilized

throughout the different tactics and treatments of the campaign?

Sample Answer: Rising Healthcare Costs, Privacy, Data Security  


4. Value Prop supported: What is your differentiating statement against your competitors?

Sample Answer: Caring about Customer Care


5. Channels: Remember, a campaign doesn’t have to be exclusively email. There are a variety of channels.

Sample Answer: (emails, DM, social, landing pages, display): DM, Email, Telesales, Webinar


6. Content Assets: What are the marketing assets that will be utilized? Determine what exists today and what needs to be developed.

Sample Answer: Recorded Webinar, Data Sheets, Microsites, Mobile App, Email.


7. CTA (Calls to Action): What do you want the prospect or customer to do once they are exposed to your campaign?

Sample Answer: Schedule a meeting with a sales rep.


8. Measure Results: Campaigns are not just about opens and clicks. What is a measurement that counts?

Sample Answer: 1) Engagement: Webinar attendees. 2) Number of meetings (ideally face to face) 3) Movement: Ultimately, how many did we move to the Win stage?


9. Schedule: When is the campaign going to market? How long will the campaign be active, when does someone fall into the campaign/out?

Sample Answer: <60 days from today to go live (one time event, ongoing).


10. Costs: What are the hard costs and soft costs and potential return on investment?

Sample Answer: $45,000 with potential revenue of $600,000