There is an ROI suggested approach when scheduling drip tactics. First, let's review the example in the image below. The SF Corp Lapsed is considered the"parent" tactic of Reminder SF Corp Lapsed. The SF Corp Lapsed is also considered the "root" tactic of the drip campaign because it is the first tactic in the drip campaign. The parent and the root are not always the same thing, but they can be. In the example below, you can see the root tactic was sent on 4/16/2015 and the follow-up drip tactic is scheduled to run exactly four days later to anyone that did not open the SF Corp Lapsed email. 

There are three things to always think through before setting up a drip campaign. 


Drip tactics run daily if they are enabled, but no contact will enter the audience segment unless that contact meets the criteria determined in the drip tactic. In the example below the criteria indicates the drip tactic will send exactly four days after the SF Corp Lapsed email to those that did not email open. If no contact meets the drip tactic criteria the history modal will return "No Data". Do not let the "Next Run" date confuse you because the drip will run daily if it's enabled.  Just because it runs daily does not mean it will actually send to your contacts. Contacts from the root segment must meet the drip criteria. 

For example, if the parent SF Corp Lapsed tactic sends one time per week, and the last time it sent was 4/16/2015, then contact from the root tactic will meet the drip tactic criteria four days after 4/16 on 4/20. You can see in the history modal below that no data was returned until 4/20 because the drip tactic runs daily. 

If the original SF Corp Lapsed tactic runs weekly then it will send again on 4/23 and the drip will return "JobSubmitted" again on 4/27, assuming there were contacts that did not email open the SF Corp Lapsed email sent on 4/23. Contacts will only enter the segment criteria four days after the parent SF Corp Lapsed tactic was sent. 


The scheduled time for drip tactics is based on the parent tactic, even if the parent tactic isn't enabled. You can see in the history modal above that the SF Corp Lapsed email is "Job Queued" at 4:00:29 PM daily because that's when the parent tactic sent previously. Make sure to choose your root/parent tactic send time wisely in a drip campaign so that the drip tactics have the same logical send times. If your parent tactic runs daily and you want to update the send time, simply update the time in the root and it will automatically update the time in the drip tactics following. 

All drip tactics are scheduled to run until the root tactic's expiration date, plus one year. There is no place to manually assign an end data in the drip tactic, so this needs to be done in the parent. If no end date is specified in the parent tactic, then the default is set to 12/31/2050. Keep in mind that if the drip is enabled to run, it will continue to send and return "No Data" in the history modal if no contact meets the drip criteria. Also, when the expiration date of the root tactic is changed, it will change the end date of all drips tactics. 

Enabling or disabling the root tactic or parent does not impact the schedule of the drip tactics in the Campaign.


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