How to understand tables

How to manually edit table records

Flat File Imports

How to import a flat file

How to execute a one time import

Additional (S)FTP information

Note: ROI's integration with Salesforce requires additional sync information from Client Success


How to create segments

How to join tables 

How to understand event types and additional information strings

Additional segment information


How to create an ROI email

How to create an ROI landing page

How to create an ROI form

How to upload media

Additional content information

Campaign Builder

How to send an ROI email

Campaign builder - video overview

How to create drip tactics

How to schedule drip tactics

Additional campaigns information

Web Visitors

How to integrate Google Analytics and/or social with ROI

How to download website and/or social visitors into ROI

How to understand the Identified Visitors dashboard

How to understand the Anonymous Visitors dashboard


How to find email tracking results

Unique responses


How to understand the Lifecycle

How to use score index