This article lists the various feature upgrades and new features made available in the Q3 2015 release.

New Email Editors

The email editor in ROI has been upgraded and revamped to now provide three editor options- a Drag and Drop Editor, Classic Editor, and Code (HTML) Editor.

  • The Drag and Drop Editor enables the user to create beautiful emails with various customizable content blocks that can be inserted into the email to build a unique creation. This editor is meant for the marketer that would like to design and create their own emails without the help of an email designer. The editor provides a set of standard content blocks that can be mixed and matched to create a customized email. The user can use tools in the editor to customize color, fonts, background, and personalization. Access to the entire email's HTML is not available in this editor, as it was created with the purpose to edit the content blocks using the toolbars, not the code. A set of templates are available that users can customize within the email as well. Users cannot bring in emails from other systems into this editor. Emails created using this editor will be responsive emails, unless the user specifically adds HTML to the content blocks that change its setup. This is why it is recommended to work only with the toolbars and content blocks to edit the email, not using the HTML code. 

  • The Classic Editor is an updated version of the previous Email Editor. This editor is the easiest way to open previous emails and continue working on them. Users that are familiar with the previous version of the editor will find themselves most comfortable using the Classic Editor. This editor is meant for the marketer that has a good understanding of email design and HTML. Users can use tools in the editor to customize color, fonts, background, and personalization. Users can also access the entire HTML of the email through a basic HTML editor. A larger set of templates are available for this editor as well. Most of the templates are responsive templates. However, it is the user's responsibility to create responsive and mobile-friendly emails.

  • The Code (HTML) Editor is exactly what it sounds like. This editor allows the user create an email using HTML coding with a side-by-side screen to see what you are working on. This editor is for the advanced user that would like to code the entire email in HTML.

The new editors will be available to all new customers of ROI starting in September 2015. Current customers may request an upgrade by contacting ROI's Support Team at A sunset date for the old email editor will be announced in the coming months. We anticipate all current customers will be migrated to the new editor in the next six months. 

Integration with Pipeliner
There is now an easy-to-use integration available between ROI and Pipeliner, the world's most visual CRM. With the integration, Pipeliner customers can benefit from ROI's Customer Lifecycle Marketing features within Pipeliner. More information is available at

Minor Revisions and Fixes
  • Campaign Results Report- upgrade to work with the Campaign Builder
  • Table save warning message- default values for required fields
  • Dashboards- display Lifecycle stages in the right order
  • Dashboards- could show an error while loading
  • No longer support "Global Unsub" as an event for drip campaigns
  • Optimize the drip tactics for "did not click link" option
  • Show an error if the email in a drip tactic is using fields beyond the ones in the four standard tables for personalization
  • Optimize the Save Tactic process
  • Creating a new record failed for clients with over 2 million contact records
  • Display the event's user friendly description on the Contact Details pop-up
  • Internal alert for expiring API keys

Contact for a more detailed insight into any of the upgraded features, revisions, and fixes.