ROI provides a tight integration with Salesforce. The information in Salesforce can be synced down to ROI and information in ROI can be pushed to Salesforce. Currently, Salesforce is in the process of rolling out Salesforce Lightning Experience, which has a completely new UI among other things. This article explains the implications of switching to Lightning Experience and related options. 

ROI's "Import from Salesforce" feature currently does not work with Salesforce account users that have been upgraded to Lightning Experience. ROI will be upgraded to work with Salesforce Lightning Experience, but a timeline has not been determined at this time. ROI's "Export to Salesforce" feature is not affected.


In order for ROI's "Import from Salesforce" feature to work properly, the Lightning Experience needs to be disabled for the Salesforce account user connected to ROI. This can be accomplished by restoring the user back to Classic Salesforce. Lightning Experience can be disabled for individual users in a Salesforce Enterprise Edition and Unlimited Edition account that has upgraded to Lightning Experience. Once Lightning Experience is disabled and the user goes back to the classic UI, ROI's "Import from Salesforce" will work again. Additionally, it appears that Salesforce plans to support the classic UI for a very long time. Below are some notes from the Salesforce Help site.

Should you choose to switch to Lightning Experience, have the ROI user to stay on the classic UI. For Professional Edition accounts, you will have to maintain all users on the classic UI because turning on Lightning Experience will activate it in all of your users (see notes below). 

Q: Does Lightning Experience have to be rolled out to the entire org?
A: No. Admins first enable Lightning Experience for the entire org, and then they can choose to roll it out to only certain users by using profiles or permission sets.

Q: Can I still use Salesforce Classic?

A: You have the choice of when you want to move to the new Lightning Experience UI and which users you want to migrate. You can continue to use Salesforce Classic for as long as you like, and we will continue to support the Classic UI.

Q: What criteria prevents you from enabling Lightning Experience in your org?

A: The following:

  • Person Accounts (PA): Person Accounts aren't supported in Lightning Experience. If your org uses Person Accounts, you can't enable Lightning Experience. 
  • Editions: Contact Manager Edition, Personal Edition, Database.com Edition, and Chatter.com Edition are not supported for Lightning Experience. Customers on these editions can not enable Lightning Experience.

Q: Is the Professional Edition or Group Edition "all or nothing" for the Lightning Experience?
A: Yes. With the Professional Edition or Group Edition once you turn on the Lightning Experience, it is on for all of your users.

Q: How do you restore the user back to Classic Salesforce?
A: In Lightning Experience, click your profile picture in the upper right corner and select Switch to Salesforce Classic.  

*Note- the above information was sourced from Salesforce's FAQ page and the Lightning Experience Information page.*
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