This document will provide steps on how to generate a more detailed report of email activity with contact names and dates included, as well as how to send this segment to yourself to view the results. For general information on the tracking results of an email, visit the Email Tracking Report

Step 1: Create the Email Tracking Segment

  • Navigate to the Data Tab>Segments and click Create a New Segment.
  • Join the Contacts Table to the Events Table.
  • Check all of the boxes in the Contacts Table/Events Table that you would like to have on your report. For example, if you check the box for "Tactic Name" under the Events Table, "Tactic Name" will be a column on the report. Use the Preview Results button to help determine which fields to check, as this screen shows what the report will look like. 
  • Add additional criteria to narrow down the segment, such as a specific tactic or a period of time, or even a specific link. Please refer to this article for more information on where specific data information in ROI is stored. 
  • When you have the segment setup to capture all the contacts that you are interested in gathering in a report, you are ready for the next step. 

Email Tracking Summary Table

Another way to view email tracking data is through creating a segment using the Email Tracking Summary Table. Create a new segment, remove the Contacts Table, and add the Email Tracking Summary Table. This table will show the numbers for the data in the selected fields. However, you will not be able to view the individual Contacts and their information such as name and email- only the overall numbers are stored in the data on the Email Tracking Summary Table. The data in this segment can also be stored and exported out of ROI.

Step 2: Create a New Tactic in an Existing Campaign or a New Campaign
This step is optional and will allow you to send an automated report of the segment you have created to yourself. 
  • Navigate to the Campaigns Tab and click Create a New Campaign or select a current campaign you would like to add to. 
  • Click Add Tactic and select the options for All Contacts in a Segment to Email an ROI Segment.
  • Save the Campaign canvas view, and then select Setup to edit the tactic. 
  • Give the new tactic a name and a description. 
  • Under the "What?" section, select the option to send the segment as an attachment to the email as a CSV, HTML, or Plain Text or to send the segment inline within the email as HTML or Plain Text. This is based on your preference of how you would like to view the segment.

  • Add the email addresses you would like the segment to send to under "To Email Addresses" and the email address you would like to have show as where the email was sent from under the "From Email Address." 
  • You can also add a new subject line for the email as well, and add text to the body of the email in addition to the segment that will send.
  • Under the "Who" section, select the segment you previously created with the data you would like to send out.
  • Under the "When" section, select when/how often you would like the segment to be sent out. If the segment you created is tied to a specific tactic, you might only want the segment sent out once, a few days after the email was sent. If the segment you created is just looking at email clicks within the past week on any email, then you might want a weekly report.
  • Once your tactic is setup to send the segment you want, when you want it to be sent, you're ready to click Save

Please contact with additional questions.