Right On Interactive tracks all hyperlinks in an email. In order to do this, hyperlinks are "wrapped" - the URLs are replaced with a Right On Interactive URL which in turn redirects to the actual destination address. These ROI URLs use the address "e.rightonin.com". In order to domain mask the URL and use your own corporate domain, follow the steps below -

1. Determine the subdomain you will use. For example, if your corporate domain is "mydomain.com", you may decide to use the subdomain "e.mydomain.com".

2. Ask your DNS administrator to make a CNAME entry for the subdomain to "www.messagegears.net"

3. Notify your Right On Interactive Implementation manager or the Support team. The ROI Tier 2 support staff will check the domain entry and make a setting change in your ROI account

4. Test the changes by sending yourself an email from a Tactic.