This article lists the various feature upgrades and new features made available in the release on 12/2/2015. 

Email Editor Enhancements

Drag and Drop Editor:

  • Ability to change the padding between text content blocks to allow for more or less spacing

  • Alignment of the text in text of certain content blocks can be changed while maintaining a different alignment setting in other text within the block
  • The Copyright symbol in the footer content block has been updated
  • New header and footer content blocks have been added
  • The snippets page and its surrounding functionality has been changed to prevent caching
  • Preview function has been enhanced with the ability see what the email might look like on a phone, tablet, or desktop

Drag and Drop and Classic Editors:

  • When a user clicks the "link" button in the toolbar, and additional option to insert a Landing Page has been added

Classic and HTML Editors:

  • You are now able to use the search function (Command + F on a Mac or Ctrl + F on a PC) in the HTML code of an Email

All Email Editors:

  • Code has been added to populate all empty alt tags for images using the filename from the image source. This article provides more information on how to add your own alt tag to images in the Drag and Drop or Classic Editor

Other Product Enhancements

  • The "AdditionalInfo" field of event information for Contacts has been added to the Activities Timeline on the Contact pop-up to provide more insight into event activities of the Contact such as link clicks
  • The requirement that Drip Tactics must send to Contacts in a Lifecycle Stage has been removed- while saving a Tactic, stages are no longer a required field and Drip Tactics can be setup to send to Contacts that are not in a Lifecycle Stage
  • An alert message has been added at the time of Tactic save that states "please note that personalization strings used in the email are case sensitive" when incorrectly adding personalization (Contacts.firstname vs. Contacts.FirstName)

Minor Revisions and Fixes

  • An error message will display when the "Preview With Multiple Clients" button is selected during Email creation if the user has not purchased Litmus through our Advanced Sender Package. To learn more about the benefits and features of the Advanced Sender Package, click here!
  • Fixed the issue of a user accessing the Edit Tactic page without the Campaign ID
  • Fixed the issue of new column added to the Table not showing up while adding mapping for an Import/Export

If you have questions about the specifics of any of these items, please contact