This article lists the various feature upgrades and new features made available in the release on 11/4/2015. 

Email Editor Enhancements

Drag and Drop Editor:

  • The line element content block has been fixed to go across the full screen 
  • Social icons and images are now easy to remove using the trashcan option that appears over any image you hover over 
  • Most Email Providers do no support video in emails, so we have removed the video content blocks to provide a more realistic view of what an email can look like. For more information on video best practices in an email, contact 
  • The text alignment in Yahoo Emails has been fixed so they render correctly in this Email Provider
  • The padding on the left and right of content blocks will more accurately reflect its settings to show a realistic depiction of what the email will look like in an inbox 
  • The text in content blocks with multiple text areas can be set to different alignments
  • Text color that has been set for an email using the "Edit Styles" button has been fixed to render correctly in Yahoo and 
  • Background color for the entire email has been fixed to render correctly in Yahoo and instead of showing the default white color
  • Bottom padding for certain content blocks has been added to help with the visual appearance of the email 
  • "Beta" has been added next to the Drag and Drop Editor option to more accurately depict that this editor is still in its testing phase
Other Product Enhancements
  • In the Media gallery, deleted files are no longer available, so the user can now upload another image with the same name. When a file in Media is deleted, this message will be displayed- "Please note that we cache images in Amazon's cloud to improve download speeds. It will take about 10 minutes for the image to be unavailable. If you replace this image with a new one, it will take about 10 minutes for the new image to be available." If you would like to delete a current file and upload another image with the name name, please follow the steps below:
    1. Go to Media and upload an image, for example "image.png"
    2. After the image is uploaded successfully, go back to Media and get the URL of the image
    3. Delete the Image from Media by clicking the "Delete" button
    4. The system says the image is deleted but the URL will still work to pull up the image
    5. Upload another image but make sure it's called the same, "image.png"
    6. If you now pull up the new image in Media, it should show the updated image after 10 minutes
  • You are now able to override the subject line of an email from the Tactic level instead of needed to go into the email. There is now a textbox under advanced settings for "subject replacement" for users to add a new subject line along with personalization and send the ROI email

  • If a user is setting up a Tactic that is tied to a form in the "Step 2" of the Tactic setup, but another Tactic is already tied to the form, then an error message will appear to tell the user the other Tactic using the form

Minor Revisions and Fixes
  • Fullscreen mode for viewing an email has been changed so the delete button is not appearing behind the email viewing
  • "Edit email" on Litmus preview has been fixed to not take the user back to old Email Editor
  • "Legacy Tracking" checkbox will be be unchecked by default when users create a new form