This article lists the various feature upgrades and new features made available in the release on 10/14/2015. 

Email Editor Enhancements

Drag and Drop Editor:

  • Social icons in the content block have been fixed to render correctly in Outlook and Yahoo email clients 
  • Premailer has been updated so that emails will render correctly in Gmail 
  • Image content blocks have been fixed so they can be resized and proportioned correctly in the email 
  • The color change button in the toolbox and Edit Styles options now allow users to enter RGB values, allowing for more specific color values to be entered

Other Product Enhancements
  • The Activities List in the Contact pop-up is a timeline instead of a table, allowing the user to see a more linear view of the Contact and what their specific activities have been over a period of time
Minor Revisions and Fixes
  • General enhancements to Pipeliner integration