This article lists the various feature upgrades and new features made available in the release on 12/16/2015. 

Email Editor Enhancements

Drag and Drop Editor

  • Colored borders can now be added around all content using the "Edit Styles" button
  • Additional padding has been added to the bottom of the editor to allow for easier deletion of content blocks that are positioned at the bottom of the email 
  • Line separators (HR tags) have now been fixed to stretch 100% of the email when rendering in an inbox. Any existing emails that contain this line separator content block need to be saved first to fix this element, and then the Tactic can run successfully. 
  • A note has been added to the preview screen to remind the user that it is an approximation of what the email might look like in various formats and there is a link to the "Preview with Multiple Clients" modal if the user's account is integrated with Litmus (and is editing an existing email)
    • Check out our Advanced Sender Package to learn more about how to get a Litmus preview that provides the ability to see what an email will look like with multiple email clients

Other Product Enhancements

  • Form Submissions Report: the forms will now be sorted by date and time descending, rather than just by the date
  • Recent Schedules Report: the history of a recent schedule will be sorted by the sort field selected by the user. By default, records will be sorted by JobSentTime descending
  • Identified Visitors: the activity details of identified visitors will be sorted using the sort field selected by the user. By defaults, records will be sorted by EventDateTime ascending
  • Folders have been added to the media section to allow for additional sorting
  • Landing Page Tracking: identified visitors are now sorted by name in ascending order by default
  • When creating a Tactic to "Send ROI Email," a preview button has been added for more visibility into the segment 
  • The Company pop-up will now display stage name and stage as of date

Minor Revisions and Fixes

  • Stage refresh error has been fixed 
  • Litmus returning error due to the subject line has been fixed

If you have questions about the specifics of any of these items, please contact