The "Email Tracking Report" shows unique opens and unique clicks. Occasionally, the report might show a higher number of click than opens, which can be confusing because a recipient must open an email to be able to click on a link within the email.

Email clients, especially web email clients, will suppress showing images in an email. This will suppress all images initially, including email beacons (objects embedded in an email to check that a user has viewed the email). The text shows up alright, and recipients are still able to click through the URL. However, there will be no open event registered when an email is opened if the images/beacons are suppressed. This is why it is possible to have a higher click through rate than open rate- as individuals are not being recorded for an open event, but are for a click event.

Additionally, unique clicks are counted for every URL in the email, and the email can contain multiple URLs. There can be an increased number of unique clicks because a single person can be counted multiple times due to clicking multiple, different links. 

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