Flat files are usually text files that are stored on your workstation or server and typically use the ASCII character set.

Here are recommended best practices regarding flat file formatting for Import into ROI.

Any information that you might want to use for Segmentation, Reporting, Scoring, or Stages in ROI should potentially be included in your flat file ImportsData that you may want to load into ROI includes:

  • Leads
  • Contacts
  • Accounts
  • Campaigns
  • Opportunities
  • Events
  • Sales Activities
  • Tasks
  • Transactions

Flat files are accepted by ROI as long as the files follow these property guidelines:

 a. File is saved as .csv or .txt file type.

 b. File uses delimiters - comma separated, pipe delimited, or tab delimited.

 c. File should include text qualifiers whenever possible (e.g. double quotes), especially when using a .csv file.

  • A text qualifier is a symbol around each Field on your flat file, which indicates where text begins and ends. Text qualifiers are always recommended as a best practice.

  • Please note - if your file does not contain text qualifiers, certain values may populate the wrong Fields when Importing into ROI.

     d. It's highly recommended that flat files contain ways to connect to other files file. Examples:

    • A Contact file contains an Account Number which associates Contacts with the Companies where they are employed. 

    • A Transactional file contains a Customer ID which associates a Contact or Company with orders placed.

    Import settings should align to the above values used by the flat file you intend to upload into ROI. Flat files for established Imports must be saved in the same format with the same columns and column header names, each time you run your Import.

    If you would like assistance, ROI can set up an Import for you based on a sample flat file. This will enable you to upload the same file multiple times, just by adding it to the FTP folder and pressing run on the Import.  

    ROI also has an API available, if you would like to Import/Export data directly to/from your ROI account via API calls.

    Please contact support@rightoninteractive.com for assistance per any of the above.