When viewing a Tactic that has been setup to send an ROI email, you have the ability to preview the segment. However, there might be some discrepancies with the segment you are viewing in the Tactic vs. the actual segment that was created. The differences are likely due to one of the below items that the "Preview Segment" screen features.

The preview segment within the ROI Email Tactic will:

  1. Exclude any Contacts from an exclusion segment if an exclusion segment was specified while creating the segment. The system will exclude these Contacts from the parent segment based on Contacts.Id. This means that the segment you are previewing within the Tactic doesn't include any Contacts from the exclusion segment. 
  2. Exclude any Contacts that have unsubscribed from the Campaign based on email address if the Tactic is being sent as part of a Campaign
  3. Exclude any Contacts that are in the Client's Master Suppression list based on Email. 
  4. Exclude any Contacts that have opted out from receiving emails.
  5. Exclude any Contacts that have a bounce event with any of the bounce codes: 10, 30, 50, 51, 52, 110, 130, 131, 132, 134. These are all hard bounce events that are described in greater detail here.
  6. Exclude any Contacts that have an event logged as "email with Spam." This means the Contact has previously marked an email from the sender as spam.
  7. Exclude any Contacts will null or empty email addresses.
  8. Remove duplicate Contacts based on email addresses (depending upon Client preferences). Only the oldest Contact is retained, and all other Contacts with the same email addresses are excluded.