To review who has submitted a Form, you can view the "Form Submissions" under the Reports Tab. This will allow you to filter based on submission date and Form name. The report will allow you to see which Contact have submitted a Report, the time the submitted it, and which Form it was. You can also view the Contact pop-up to provide more information on the individual Contact. However, if you would like to export out this data, you will need to create a segment of these Form submissions.

1. Navigate to the Data Tab>Segments>Create New Segment. 

2. Add the Events Table. 

3. Add criteria from the Events table to capture anyone with a Form Submission event type of the specific form, or forms you are interested in. Refer to the image below:

4. Make sure all the checkboxes on the Contacts and Events Table are checked that you would like to appear as column headers in your segment. Use the "Preview Segment" button to make sure you are capturing the data you are interested in. Additionally, consider adding a "sort order" of Event Date Time ascending/descending so you can view Contacts in your segment in the order they have submitted the Form. 

5. Name your segment and save it. Now, you can Export the segment to an Email Address and open the data in that format. 

Please contact with additional questions.