This article lists the various upgrades and new features made available in the release on 2/3/2016.

Email Opens by Device Dashboard Widget

  • ROI now offers three new ways to analyze your email data:
    1. Top Devices
    2. Opens by Operating System
    3. Opens by Email Client
  • These tools are available as Widgets under the Email portion of the Dashboards Tab, or in the Email Tracking Report under the Reports Tab in ROI
  • View the Email Opens by Device article for more detailed information on how to utilize these new tools

Qualtrics Integration
  • ROI has a new integration with Qualtrics to provide a more in-depth profile of your Contacts utilizing their research and survey data tools
  • View the Qualtrics Integration article for more information about our integration and the opportunities this brings

Dynamic personalization of BCC

  •  The BCC line of a Tactic now utilizes ROI's dynamic personalization tool
  • This will allow sending to a field on a Table containing an email address