**Please pay special attention to the tracking information below when deciding to add a BCC on a Tactic Send. Also, please note that if you BCC an Email address that is not a Contact in ROI, it will show blank rows of data in the Email Tracking Report due to the fact that the BCC'd Email address is not stored on a Contact ID in ROI.** For additional questions, please contact ROI Customer Support**

Under "Advanced Settings" in a Tactic, there is an option to add a BCC Email Address. Additionally, the Dynamic Personalization feature can be used when selecting a BCC Email address. 

Example: Dynamic personalization for BCC Email addresses is helpful when you would like to include someone, possibly a Salesperson, as a blind carbon copy on an Email Send to a Segment of their Prospects. This would allow the Salesperson to receive a copy of every Email that the actual recipient (or Prospect in this case) received. 

Multiple BCC's

The BCC Field allows for multiple Email addresses to be entered, or a combination of a static Email address and Dynamic Personalization using a Table column. To enter multiple Email addresses in this field, use either a comma or a semi-colon with no spaces between multiple entries. 

Example: ${validTableName.validColumnName};${validTableName.validColumnName2}

Dynamic Personalization

When using the Dynamic Column names, make sure the Column is checked on the Segment you are sending to. Additionally, if there is no data in a record for the Column being used as Dynamic Personalization, there will not be a BCC record created for it. 

If a Column is added to the BCC that does not exist in the source Segment, then the BCC will be noted as skipped and can be viewed in the Tactic history pop-up window. 

Email Validation

At the moment, there is no Email validation in ROI to check if the static Email addresses and Dynamic Personalization Columns entered into the BCC field are in the correct Email address format. Please be sure to enter the correct address when adding a static Email address, and that the Column is populated with Email address data in the correct format as well. 

Tracking a BCC Open/Click

When a person who was BCC's on a Tactic opens an Email, that data will be stored in the Events Table. There will be no RecipientID or ContactID, but the field for "Email" will be the Email address that was BCC'd. You will only be able to link this "Email" field to the original BCC send, as the Recipient ID will not be able to link back to any Contact in the Contacts Table.  

Additionally, the number of total Sends for a Tactic will include the BCC numbers. 

Example: A Tactic that is sending to a Segment containing 1 Contact and a BCC with 2 Email addresses will report a total of 3 Contacts and 3 unique responses. 1 will be from the segment, the other 2 from the BCC.