Mobile email will account for anywhere between 15-70% of email opens, depending on your target audience, product, and email type. This 2015 "Ultimate mobile email stats" compilation from eMailmonday reveals a growing trend of mobile email usage. Do you want to know where your company falls in this range of mobile email opens and other devices? ROI has an "Email Opens by Device" tool that can analyze exactly that!

It's important to optimize your emails for the end recipient. This means going beyond the copy and general design to the format of the email itself. Your emails need to be optimized for the devices your recipients are using to open your emails. For example, if you find the majority of your Contacts open emails on an iPhone, you should make sure all of your emails are mobile responsive. If you would like to ensure your emails will be mobile responsive, consider using the Drag and Drop Editor which has this feature built-in! 

To track email opens by device, you can utilize either the widget or the email tracking report.


Navigate to the Dashboards Tab>Email. Here, you will find the "Top Devices" widget to show you the devices that are most often used to open your emails. 

There is also a widget for "Opens by Operating System" and "Opens by Email Client" to further breakdown your email data. 

Email Tracking Report

You can also view the "Opens by Operating System," "Opens by Email Client," and "Top Devices" data under the Reports Tab>Email Tracking Report. 

If you would like to discuss a strategy on how to best create targeted campaigns based on your data, please contact