This article lists the various upgrades and new features made available in the release on 3/2/2016.

Segment Autocomplete and Drop-Down Menu

  • ROI's segment builder now offers options to make adding criteria to a segment easier than ever!
    • All true/false fields on a Table will have a drop-down selection menu to choose either True or False for that field.
    • The criteria working with the Events Table offers autocomplete options for the fields: Tactic ID, Tactic Name, Campaign ID, and Campaign name. This allows you to search for a previously created Tactic or Campaign.
  • Read more about this new feature here!

Additional Product Enhancements

  • Landing Page Reporting: Sort the identified visitor records in the Landing Page Report by name in ascending order

Minor Revisions and Fixes

  • Preview segment option has been fixed on the "Edit Tactic" page for SQL segments