To allow ROI to import activities for your Company's LinkedIn page, an integration with LinkedIn must be authorized in your ROI account. This article will explain how to setup the LinkedIn integration in ROI. 

**Before following the instructions below, please contact to notify our Client Success team that you are interested in setting up the LinkedIn integration. Our team will provision your account for LinkedIn and follow-up with a go-ahead to complete the below process in your account. Also, please note that you must have admin access to your company's LinkedIn company page to complete the following steps. 

NOTE: You must be an admin and have full permissions on your organization's LinkedIn company page for ROI to integrate properly.

NOTE: To reauthorize the LinkedIn Token, start with step 6.

In LinkedIn: Create LinkedIn Application

1. Go to, and login using your LinkedIn credentials.

2. Click on "My Apps" tab on the top menu.

3. Click on "Create Application" button.

4. Select your Company's name from the "Company Name" drop-down list.

If your company is not listed in the drop-down list, select "Create a new Company," type in the company name in the field below, and then select your Company's name.

5. Enter the following fields and then submit the form:
  • Name
  • Description
  • Application Logo (please note that the logo image needs to be at least 80x80 pixels, and a square image)
  • Application Use (select Sales CRM Marketing)
  • Website URL
  • Business Email
  • Business Phone 

You can also refer to ROI's example below:

Note: You must check the box that indicates agreement with the LinkedIn API Terms of Use, before clicking Submit.

6. Once the application is created, the Client ID and Client Secret Key will be generated.

7. Select all of the checkboxes under "Default Application Permissions".

8. Enter "" for OAuth 2.0 Authorized Redirect URLs and click "Add." ROI's integration with LinkedIn is using the OAuth 2.0, so there is no need to enter anything in the setting for the OAuth 1.0a fields.

In ROI: Setup Your Preferences

1. **Make sure you have contacted ROI Support to provision your account for LinkedIn** Log into ROI using your credentials.

2. Navigate to the Admin Tab>Preferences. Under Preferences, select "LinkedIn".

3. In ROI's field for "ClientID," enter the value of your LinkedIn Application Authentication Settings for "Client ID".

4. In ROI's field for "Client Secret," enter the value of your LinkedIn Application Authentication Setting for "Client Secret".

5. In ROI's field for "Redirect URL," enter the value of your LinkedIn Application Authentication Setting that was generated for the OAuth 2.0 "Authorized Redirect URLs".

6. Click "Save" to save the LinkedIn settings. Then, click the "Get LinkedIn OAuth2 Code" button to generate a new access token.

7. After generating a new access token, click the "TestLinkedIn Login" button to make sure the connection between ROI and LinkedIn was successful.

8. Contact, to let us know that you are ready for ROI to begin Importing your LinkedIn data. We will need to know which ROI User has been used to store your LinkedIn preferences in order to complete setup.

ROI LinkedIn Support:

If you would like ROI to manage your LinkedIn integration setup and token updates, please contact One of our Client Success Agents will need to be given Administrative access to your company page on LinkedIn in order to have permission to set these up in your account on your behalf. 

Please contact if you have any difficulties or questions with your LinkedIn integration