Segment criteria can become complex when working with operatorsdate and time fields, and various event types. ROI now offers autocomplete and drop-down menus for certain fields when adding criteria to a segment. 

All Tables

  • All fields that are setup as True/False will have a drop-down menu to select either True or False. This allows you to easily add criteria to a segment that is a True/False field without having to refer to the table. This feature will be available for any True/False field on any Table in ROI. Please remember to select either True or False for these fields and to not leave them blank in your criteria. 

  • All date and date/time fields on any Table in ROI will have a drop-down menu to select the most-used date time relative criteria options. There are additional options that can be added as criteria beyond those in the drop-down. To view all date time options, you can click on the question mark icon next to the drop-down list to link to our knowledge base article on Date Time Relative Criteria

Events Table

  • When adding criteria to a segment that utilizes the Events Table, there is an autocomplete function for the columns Tactic ID, Tactic Name, Campaign ID, and Campaign Name. These fields will have a search option when you begin typing, so you only need to know key words of your Tactic and Campaign names and then select it from the drop-down menu.
  • Adding criteria to a segment using the Events Table and the EventType column displays a drop-down menu with all possible event types to choose from. This allows you to select which specific event type you would like to use in your segment without worrying that it was incorrectly entered. However, the drop-down menu will display ALL event types, not just those that are provisioned in your account. For example, if you do not utilize a Facebook data integration, then selecting criteria referring to Facebook data would not work in your account. If you are interested in any upgrades or additional information, please contact