With the popularity of sites such as Buzzfeed, Reddit, and Pinterest, social sharing has become the new norm on websites and now in emails. Whether a blog post or a newsletter, if you are including content that your recipients might be interested in reposting on social media, you can increase their engagement through social media sharing buttons. These links can allow for sharing specific areas of content, or the entire email, across various social platforms. 

Including social media share buttons increases the engagement of your emails. Recipients are much less likely to share content if there are extra steps involved. This is why it's helpful to provide a gentle push to your recipients with social sharing buttons that are just a couple clicks away from sharing. 

The general steps to creating social share links within an email are to-

1. Add the social icons below the content you would like to share

2. Use the Social Link Generator to create links 

3. Link the social icon to the URL generated

Below is an example of social share links in an Email to share blog content on Facebook, LinkedIn, and/or Twitter:

Create Share Links in your ROI Emails

1. Create an Email in ROI and decide which content in the Email you are interested in sharing. It could be an article, blog post, or other shareable content. You could also consider adding a social sharing link within the Email to share the contents of the entire Email on social media, rather than specific, selected content within the Email. 

3. Choose the social media channel you would like your recipients to share your content on- this link generator offers the ability to share content via Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

4. Get the URL of the content you would like to be shared. For a blog email, this would be the specific URL of the posted blog. 

If you would like to generate links that share the entire Email on social media, view our article on Sharing an ROI Email.

To Share on Facebook

Copy and past the URL of the content you would like shared into the blank field. Click the "Create the Link" button for a link you can utilize in your email to share the content. Unfortunately, Facebook does not allow for pre-populated shares, so the recipient will have to type their own post. 

To Share on Twitter

In the blank space, type out the tweet you would like to share and include the URL link. **Note: If you would like to shorten the link (e.g. so that the link fits in a Tweet) create a Bitlink. 

  • Go to https://bitly.com, and shorten the View in Browser link
  • Copy the shortened link. 
  • Please be aware that some organizations block bit.ly clicks since they do not know if the links are safe.
  • It is possible to allow recipients to preview a Bitlink before clicking on it. Simply add a + sign to the end of a Bitlink URL.
Click "Create the Link" and use the URL only version as a link in your Email. 

To Share on Google Plus

Add the URL link and "Create the Link."

To Share on LinkedIn

Add in the URL, Title, and a Summary of the link you are sharing. This will pre-populate when a recipient clicks to share.

To Share on Pinterest

Add in the URL, Title, and an optional Description of the image's link you are sharing. This will pre-populate when a recipient clicks to share.

Add Share Links to Social Icons

Once you have generated the link for the specific media source you are interested in, copy and paste the link that was generated to the link for the social media icon in your email. This will allow a recipient of your email to click the icon and have a pre-generated post appear for them to easily share. 

After all social media links have been added, be sure to send a test email to make sure that all links have been correctly added and are populating as expected. 

Click here if you would like to learn how to share an ROI Email via Social Media.

Please contact Client Success with any questions or concerns regarding this process.