Header Rows are line dividers in an Email, placed in HTML by inserting an <HR> tag. 

A bug has been identified in Outlook 2016 which prevents Header Rows in HTML code with a pixel height of 1 from displaying. A recipient on this platform will not see the Header Rows in their Email if the pixel height of the header row is 1 pixel. .

To resolve this issue so that the Header Row is visible in Outlook 2016, you can change the height of the line to a minimum of 2 pixels. Below are the detailed instructions to do this in an ROI Email:

1. Add the Header Row (line divider) content block to the Email and then click in the content block. This opens up a left-hand navigation. Click on the blue code button.

2. Now that you're in the HTML of the content block, add the following text where the red arrow is- style="height:2px;"

3. Click "update" and now the Header Row is set to a height of 2 pixels, and will appear in Outlook 2016. To prevent having to go into the code of every single Header Row in your email, you can change the height of one Header Row content block in your Email, and then use the + in the content block options to create an additional Header Row that also has a pixel height of 2. 

If you have the Advanced Sender Package enabled in your ROI instance, you can Request a Preview to determine how the email looks in various Email clients. Simply click the button to "Preview with Multiple Clients," "Request Preview," and then "Check the status" to view the results in Outlook 2016.

Contact support@rightoninteractive.com with any questions.